Thursday, May 1, 2008


Many adjustments are being made in my life right now. As well as Laytons. Where do I start?

Layton and I had our first chiro appointment yesterday. I am having sever hip and pelivic pain and Layton has had ear infection after ear infection. I thought we might try this route. Chad's sister is a chiropractior and recommended a Dr. to us in New Ulm. Layton went first...Lets say he was a little scared. After talking with Stacie about it she said most babies react the same way he did because it is a little scary but they usually get used to it the second time. Lets hope that's the case. He adjusted Layton in just a couple minutes and then Layton was done, besides a little crying the boy did good!! Well, me on the other hand, I was a little more scared, even though I didn't show it. I was shaking on the inside! Everything went great with me, pain is still there but I guess it's going to take a few times for it to actually work!! Cross your fingers!

Budget cuts...Does much more need to be said! IT STINKS!!! I love my job but I hate going to work because that's all I hear about!! Who is being cut? When will we know? Blah Blah Blah!! I can't lose my job, (well really who can lose their job?) but I have a baby on the way, whose father just passed away in a tragic accident, I need healthy insurance, plus I have a 10 1/2 month old too!! I just wanna scream!

New Baby
Life with one baby is an adjustment, life with two baby is going to be even more of an adjustment! and they are only going to be about 14 months apart! Scary! But God helps us through things like this and I know I will be okay. Plus we have an angel watching over us at all times! Life is just going to have a new little twist!

W/Out a Car
Car there a need to say anymore?

There are a lot most adjustments I am going to have to make in the next year but I'm sure everything will be okay because it usually works out in the end! Still missing Chad everyday. But I am learning to deal with some of my emotions and work them out by myself. I got to talk with his sister tonight and that always helps! I feel so connected to her!! Anyways.. I better go.. ER is on!!

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glad to hear you like ER too!