Sunday, May 11, 2008

My very first Mothers Day!!

I had my very first mothers day and boy was it tiring!!! I guess that's what being a mom is all about!! Last night Layton baked me a yummy pumpkin cake, that says I love Mommy. He also got me a card!! This morning he decided to wake me up bright and early (5:15am) to let me know how special I am! Lets just say that was the beginning to my busy day!! After playing for a couple of hours, we headed out to church for a baptism (8:00am), he was not the sweet little boy he usually is at church!! Maybe he was just tired because he had been up since..let me remind you..5:15am!!!! Once we got home he finally went to sleep just as My mom, Kt, and I were about to leave for lunch. I stayed home with the sleeping boys and Kt and Mom went out for brunch. My big mothers day lunch was Raman Noodles and a chicken pot pie! I got to eat in peace and quiet which was kinda nice, I turned on a Lifetime movie and enjoyed my dinner..alone (what I mean by alone is that I didn't have little boys eating all of my dinner!)! Then Katie Called me to run over to the neighbors where she is babysitting and check out a toilet problem. So I run over there and find something NO MOTHER wants to find! A toilet full of...well you can guess...there was nothing I could do to fix the problem it was that bad. So had to leave that one for Katie when she gets back. Then it was off to Grandma Uecker's. It's always nice to just sit around outside and chit chat and chase kids around. Thank Goodness for Brenda, Connie, Grandma, Dad, Robyn, and whoever else helped out with Layton and Brayden.. oh yeah and Abby. Because by this time in the day I was TIRED!! Then I ate a very quick bowl of my favorite hot dish..Elbow noodles, Ketchup, and hamburger and I was out the door to the other Grandma's. I had a nice 5 minute quiet meal there and then It was back to being a mom. Once we got home from there it was Bath, bottle, and bed!! I love being a Mom that's for sure!! And today just proved what being a mom is all about...The love for your child(ren), family, and friends and of course...staying as busy as ever!:) I love this full time job and I am looking forward to next year when I get to spend it with two boys!!!!!
Pumpkin Cake "Layton" Made me...AKA Brenda!
My sweetie and I and my gifts!

He even signed the card.. Talented lil bugger huh???

Wishing all you mothers a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!! We all deserve to hear that..even if it is just once a year!!!

Well now I have to go watch my Twins!! My mother's day just keeps getting better!!!!

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