Monday, May 26, 2008

Long and Busy weekend!

Usually Memorial Day Weekend is for relaxing. This year, there was no relaxing! It all started Thursday. Let me run you through my weekend!

Thursday: Bridal Shower in New Ulm. Had to bring Layton with and he was grumpy so stayed there for maybe an hour. Took him home, hoping me would fall asleep in the car. No such luck. He was up until about 9:30pm!!! Uff Da!!!

Friday: It was one of those "Days" at work. All the kids were wild, nothing seemed to be going right and I had to leave me baby again! That night I headed to Nicollet for wedding rehearsal and the grooms supper! Myranda was here babysitting and thank goodness she wore Layton out because he was sleeping when I got home, and he slept until 8:45am Saturday morning! It was Wonderful!!

Saturday: Layton slept in so I was able to get my hair done for the wedding. Got Layton up and took him to Brenda's where he spent the day. He was sick so I felt bad for being gone for so long. He is teething so Brenda got to put up with the little one. Had a busy day being a personal attendant for a college friend. It was fun though. I left the dance around 9:00pm to get home to my baby!!! By the time I got to Brenda's he was laughing and giggling, until I wanted to take a picture with him then he got grumpy again! took him home and put him to bed!!!!
Brittany and I (personal attendants!)
Layton and I! I'm sure glad he was HAPPY...NOT!
Sunday: Took a little nap in the a.m. with Layton, then headed to Fairfax for a graduation! Layton and I ate and had to leave right away because we had a baby shower to get too! My cousin Heather is going to be having a baby on Friday so we threw here a quick baby shower!! It went good!! We just had bars and cake to eat but the best part of the whole weekend was that I FINALLY got my rubbarb with marainge(sp)! I have seriously been waiting 2 whole summers for that!!! It was so GOOD! After my busy afternoon, I went home and took a nap..until my little one woke me up. But at least I got a good hour of sleep in, It was wonderful. Then it was back out to the farm for a little family fun and pizza! Layton played outside until he told me it was time to go HOME!!! Took him home, gave him a bath, and snuggled on the couch until he was ready for bed!

Today (Monday): It's only 9am so I can't tell ya what I will be doing this afternoon but whatever it is I hope it's relaxing! I kinda have two choices, stay here in Winthrop or go to St. Cloud with my Mom for a little outdoor grilling. Can't decide though, I'm just pooped for my busy weekend!!!

I was also trying to decide if I wanted to go out to Chad's grave. I have yet to go out there! I just feel like I have a better connection with him in my dreams. I have no desire to go out there, just feels like he isn't there. It's strange because I will go out to my uncles grave, to my friend Steph's grave but I just don't want to go out to Chad's, yet. I know today would be a good day but I still don't know. He knows I think about him everyday, and I see him in my dreams so I feel a lot better about those things then going out to him grave where I know it's just his body, that's it. His spirit is among us, and that's what I feel is important. We will see if I have the courage and strength to get out there.

Sorry for the long and boring details of my weekend. I'm going to go lay down while Layton is sleeping, and decide what I'm going to do today!!!

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