Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's really not falling apart, is it???

Have you ever had a time when you thought your world was falling apart? I'm sure all of you have. Well maybe it's just me but lately it seems like everything just keeps falling apart!!! I don't want any one feeling sorry for me but I just had to get this all off my chest (which I seem to need to do a lot lately!). Today I found out I last my job at GFW. Budget cuts will do that to an employee. There is nothing I can do to change it either. I feel so helpless and hopeless!! Here I am expecting a baby in August, I lost the father of this baby boy in March and now in May I lose my job. Plus come July I will be fighting to keep full custody of Layton (that's a whole other story that I'm not going to get into!). When is there a turning point in ones life? When does everything start looking better? I know it's the real world, but sometimes it's hard to understand why everything bad keeps happening!!! I hope things start looking up from here on out!!!!!

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