Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yesterday we welcomed a new baby girl into our extended family. Taylor Jane Bauer was born yesterday at 8:15 am!! We are so excited for Travis, Heather, and Allison!!! More lil girls to spoil with princess stuff!!! hehe!

Baby Taylor just about 5 hours old!

Nothing else is new with me. I have a few graduations to go to this weekend and a bunch more next weekend, but Layton is having his big birthday party next Saturday so I don't know how many graduations I will get to next weekend!!

I can't believe my little baby is almost a year old!! Last night I went back and looked at all the pictures of him when he was born and now look at him.. (Sorry Ang I'm going to copy your idea.. just to compare a little!!!)

Well I'm off to enjoy my weekend!!!

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Angie said...

Good ideas should be copied! Happy birthday to Layton.