Sunday, March 1, 2009

Its been a while

I am enjoying some Mommy Time tonight..Father of the Bride part II, a bowl of popcorn and a nice cold glass of milk! Things are really busy for us. We are in the process of moving to our new house. I am just waiting for my new bed to come and then we will be all settled!!

On to the boys (who never seem to stop growing!).. Layton is talking up a storm and amazes me every day. Tonight he counted to 10. I was in shock. And the other day he had a sticker and he stuck it on my back and said "Happy Bertday...... TO YOU!", He will say Excuse me after I sneeze and all sorts of other things. He sings songs like Winkle Winkle Little Star, and old McDonald. I just can't get enough of that little boy!! And My lil Laner is ready for crawl. I bet sometime this week he will be moving forward! He is such a happy lil guy and I feel truly blessed that I had happy lil boys!

Well sorry this is so short again but Im going to enjoy my movie.

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