Monday, March 9, 2009

Just the boys and I

So, here I am, sitting in bed, both my boys camped out in my room, listening to the strange sounds of a new home. I made my mom run to her house to get a fan so I can drown out all the sounds. Things are slowly starting to come together. Things are finding there places and I'm trying to get used to the darn outlets and light switches. It has proven to be a challege. Good thing my mother got it all taken care of. Bottom outlet..something and top outlet works with the light switches.. or something like that! Now is the true test of single parenthood. I might be on a vacation by weekend. No, I wouldn't do that to my boys but it was a nice thought for a second! I had to take a bath with Layton tonight and well.. we both didn't fit, so I cleaned him up, got him out, got back in, did my thing, and had to rush because Layton got his finger pinched in the cabinet door, I'm dripping wet, he is still dripping wet, the bathroom floor looks like the Gaylord pool!! There are more details to the whole story but you don't need to know about my person business! Anyways... I somehow managed to get both boys asleep and soon it will be moms turn for some shut eye. Hopefully I sleep better tonight than I did last night. I bought a new pillow top mattress and Im not sure if I like it or not. Maybe tonight will be the true test!! I'll update pictures when I have time. Not sure how much time I will have anymore! Thats okay, we will work out a system some way or another!!

Sweet Dreams

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