Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I the boss

So it seems I have a little boss man on my hands. So what happened to Mommy being the boss? Layton likes to be the boss and he will frequently tell you "I the boss". He orders people around at daycare. For example yesterday I go to pick him up and Tammy says.."This little guy took a 25 minute nap!" She goes on to tell me that he laid down and went to sleep and after 25 minutes was up and ready, she asked him to lay back down and go to sleep and he says "Tammy, Quiet!" Excuse me!!!! He has said that to me several time when we are laying in bed, I will be whispering to him and he will say "Mommy, be quiet!". He will let you know when you are being naughty, when you haven't ate your dinner, when he wants you to move out of the way, when you are too loud. He makes sure all the kids at daycare are eating their food, are taking their naps, are staying out of trouble, and so on. And the sad thing is if you tell him "Mommy's the boss" he will reply with "I the boss!" Oh my, what have I done. I can't complain too much though, he is a pretty good little boy!! He just wants to make sure everyone is following the rules.. No talking during nap/sleep time!!

Lane on the other hand is the smiliest little kid I have ever seen!!! He has the 2 lower teeth and he has a cheesey smile to go with then!! He is crawling and ready to stand next to things. He wants to crawl up steps more than anything. I feel so blessed to have 2 good little boys!!

March 28th marks 1 year since Chad has been gone. Talk about emotionally!! I will be doing the dishes and a song will come on and just one word will throw me into tears. I miss him so much, I miss how he won't be here physically for Lane or Layton, or Me, for his Parents, Sisters, Nieces and Nephews. Its been such a hard year, and Saturday will be a really trying time for everyone. But I hold on to the fact that I had a very special visit from Chad and I know he is ok and wants me to be okay!! I will be sharing a poem I had a high school girl write for me in the days to come!! Expect a few more "Venting" Entries!!

Happy Spring!

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