Monday, March 2, 2009

No More Fruit Snacks

Tonight I probably had the biggest scare of my life. Layton wanted a lil snack and so I gave in and got him some fruit snacks. I have been trying to not give them to him because they are so bad for the teeth! Well tonight I was making supper and my mom was playing with the kids. Well Layton comes into the kitchen and is choking! I give him a few good whacks on the back but nothing comes out. He manages to get two out by himself but he is still choking! I could see it right at the back of this tounge but in his throat. I did the finger swipe (not sure if that was the right thing to do) and I just couldn't snag it. Then Layton starts spitting up blood because I think I cut him when I stuck my finger in there! I felt like forever!! Good thing my mom was there and she is an EMT! We both were doing whatever we could to help the scared lil guy. I didn't care about the puke or blood just as long as he was okay! He eventually swolled it and was a little shook up. But who wouldn't be after that. I'm so thankful he is okay!!! So for everyone out there.. NO MORE FRUIT SNACK FOR HIM UNTIL HE IS A LITTLE OLDER. Warning: The John Deere Fruit Snacks are a little to big for 1-2 year olds!

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