Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blogging from my bedroom

Isn't technology awesome. Boys are sleeping and I can blog...FROM MY BED!!! Ha, I sure am enjoying this laptop stuff. Now I can spend more time with the boys because now I can sit in bed and enjoy a little computer time!:) Ok enough about that lets get on to new business..okay, there isn't a whole lot of new things but here I go anyways. Layton is a talking machine!!! We really really have to watch what we say now!! He repeats everything. So I read in Parents magazine that you are suppose to use "real" words with your kids, not slang. So I said, Layton that is your penis and he says something that kinda sounds like that, so now he looks at it and says penis.. What a smart boy!! Good thing you can't really understand him yet. He also learned how to spit after you brush he is done brushing his teeth. He also grabbed the washcloth in the bath today and started scrubing himself. Man, my job is getting easier. He also can undress himself..kinda..lets just say that one is a work in progress, but he understands what he needs to do!! I can't believe how much he learns in just one day! I just love that about him!!! And Lane, well he is starting to laugh.. IT'S SOO CUTE!:) He can roll over as long as he can push off of something with his legs, he is sleeping a lot longer at night too!! That's amazing for me!! Ok enough about my kids...

I do want to mention something on the sadder side..(is that even a word)

Please PLEASE pray for the Bjorklund Family. Dale has lymphnode cancer. His 2nd oldest daughter, Jenny, is one of my very good friends!! They need our love, support, and prayers!!!!

Well thats it for now, I better get to bed!!

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