Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Vocab

Layton is starting to take after his mother, talking a lot!! I remember when I was little my older cousins would always remind me to be quiet because I talked so much. Although I am not telling layton to be quiet I am enjoying everything he is learning. Here are a few examples of his new ablility.
Lanner= Lane
Puppa= Puppy
Papa= Grandpa
Go way= Go Away
madma= Grandma
Aaaion= Allison
Momma= Mommy
WaaWaa= Water
Baba= Bottle
Malk= Milkbaak= Book
and there are many more wordsHe amazes me everyday. He copies about everything I say so I really need to watch what I say.He is such a joy (most of the time), he is also starting the tatrum business. Things should start getting interesting now. But honestly, I feel so blessed to have him, he brings so much joy to my life along with little Lanner. I'm having a hard time accepting Chad's death because of all the joy my children are bringing me. I know he would be having a ball with these kids. He had taken Layton as his own and when he was about to have a Child of his own his life was cut short. I know everyday he is with us though. I can just tell by Lane's actions that he is around. So anyways, Saturday we went to Mn Harvest by Jordan with Chad's family. (that too was hard) but we had a good time, we ate dinner there, well most of us, Layton choose to climb up and down the steps instead of eating. Lane just slept. Then we went on a Wagon ride to pick apples. The kids really enjoyed this!!! A lot of apples were ate during the picking:) Then we played on the play ground but one of Chad's nieces got pretty upset when she couldn't go down the slide with Layton first, after 10 minutes of pouting she finally was ready for her turn. Then it was off to the putting zoo. That was an experience, you pay for a cup of food then they send you in with the bears.. haha, No they open the gate and it's just an open pen with all different kinds of small farm animals (Deer, cows, sheep, goats, ponies) As soon as you walk in the gate the animals attack!!! The kids cups went flying or they were being chased by animals. Layton opted for me to hold him most of the time as it was a bit overwhelming. I can't imagine what it was like for the little kids having to be face to face with these hunger animals, no wonder they were running away most of the time. I feel so blessed that the Wingen's have accepted Layton and I into their family! Now if Chad were only here to experience all of these joys with me. Well i'm off to get Layton, Today was his first day with his Dad alone. That's a whole different story! I am so excited to pick of my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just half of the Wingen Cousins
Layton Appleseed
one of the HUNGER goats!

I still love my Twins!!
Layton and Josie on the wagon ride!
enjoying his apple!
Papa Wingen and Layton on the pony
Max and Lane (6 months apart) sleeping!

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