Friday, October 31, 2008

Nightmare on Halloween

Wow, what a busy night!!! Layton and I have been going non-stop since he got home from Daycare!! He had such a busy day!! Of course he had a party at daycare, he came home with 2 pumpkin (punpin) tattoos on his check and a BAG full of candy and treats! From there, I thought it would be cool to get one of those papa murphy's pumpkin shaped pizza, so we ate and then were off to the neighbors. Layton held out his bag and the neighbor lady put the treat in there and Layton dropped his bag and looked at her as though he was scared! After that we went to another place and he is slowly starting to understand the concept of trick or treating. Then we were off to the nursing home here in Winthrop. All the residents sat in a big circle and the kids just went around and got their candy, Layton was a little scared at first but finally got the hang of it. I turned my back for a minute and when I look back at Layton I see him going around to all the residents again, getting candy and putting it in his bag. Little stinker caught on fast!!! We walked around the neighborhood a little bit before heading over to Gaylord, thats where the night got interesting. We stop at Brenda's and I was running all the treats out to the car and I hear this hissing coming from the tire, I look around and I see a nail, sure enough, I ran over a nail and now my tire is leaking fast! Now what?? I have more places to take Layton and I have a flat tired!! Well Brenda was kind enough to let me take her car to finish our work. Then I had to get a hold of my dad (who DOES NOT have a cell phone) so he could come in from the field to see Layton. so 20 minutes later he shows up and we are hanging out, some kids come on the deck and dad is outside talking and Layton is inside playing by the door, well, Layton had a hold of the door handle when Dad swung open the door. Layton goes flying outside hitting his head on the way out. Tears are flowing, kids are piling on the deck and Keena isn't listening!!!!! It was a heckic couple of minutes but we quickly turned off the light before any one else could come..(Dad wasn't planning on handing out candy since he was suppose to be in the field!!), after that we made a few more stops then it was home to BED!! Wow.. that was fun but boy is that work!! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!! We sure did, and we even got to see Lane's cousins all dressed up!!
Also Keep praying for the Bjorklunds!!!!

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