Friday, October 10, 2008

It was big, no it was huge!! haha

Last night I got to relive some old, but VERY good memories!! One of the greatest things in my life (right after my two very beautiful kids) was achieving a goal...a goal that consisted of a couple school records. Volleyball was basically my life in high school and I am very proud of my team and our accomplishments (beating Belle Plaine our senior year of high school to advance in the section tournament). Without my teammates I would have never set the school record in set assists, 1661 (Just cause I have heard and seen it a couple times this past week). Last night Tara Dietz and I had the honor of presenting Erin Evans with the game ball which she got her 1000th set assist. She is the 3rd personin school history to accomplish this feat! It was fun just to relive the moment and also to help someone receive this award! It's something to be proud of, and the last couple of days I have made it all fresh in my memory. As Steve Saxton said "Hopefully you will be back when you are 80 giving out the same award..and asking Brenda for a black scarf." So now that last night is over I will wait again for this great honor:):):):)
My boys ready for Daycare
Lane and his new Buddy Collin Hacker

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