Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Discoveries

All three of us have discovered something new in the last couple of days! Lane can roll over as long as he is on his side already!! Yay for Lane!!!
Layton just discovered that he can stick his finger in his nose, and better yet, that something comes out of it too!!! He knows where his nose is but just last night he learned you can stick your finger in there!! How cool.. and today he learned that if you stick your finger in there sometimes something is stuck to your finger! Sweet..I will just have to keep a closer eye on him now so he doesn't stick anything else in his nose!!

Here is a picture of the 3 boys during movie night at Grandma's. Doesn't it look fun!!!:)

and I discovered I can bake!!:) I made my very first pumpkin pie the other night and it turned out great!! I spilled a little so that's why the crust burnt but otherwise I think it tasted pretty good!!! Yay for MOMMY!!!:)
Well Lane needs me now, until next time..

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