Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life of a single mom!

I just love this picture..check out the goat right by Layton (I wonder if he even knows it's there?)

on the way to the pumpkin farm, we had to stop at Grandparents camper first!!

Tonight I was sitting in the bath looking down at my toes, and realized they look awful. Not my toes but my toenails!! I must have painted them the night before Lane was born and they have not been touched since. They are sorta red but there isn't much nail polish left and they just look awful. That got me thinking...When do I even have time to paint my toe nails? the answer.. I don't. (now that i'm back from an hour feeding session). Also I was sitting in the bath (must be a good time to think..) And Lane was sitting next me and I can't remember the last peaceful bath I took. I either have Lane in the bouncy seat next to me or Layton in the bath w/ me, or Layton pounding on the door. Eating meals is the same way. I sit down to eat and although Layton has already ate his supper he insists on having a bite of mine. Everytime I gladly give him a bite! Sleeping is another story. I have Lane in the bed with me and Layton upstairs with my mom (most of the time), Last night I had about 1/4 of the bed to myself Lane took up most of it, I wanted to make sure he had enough room, then Layton was on the other side, and I was sandwiched in the middle. I had to protect Lane from his big brother (ok I'm gonna sit down and try writing this blog for the 3rd time tonight!!). The moral of my story is that as a single Mom of two little boys you really REALLY need to rely on help from people. If I didn't have my mom I would be crazy, my house would be a total disaster, the laundry would never get done, the dishes would be stacked ceiling high, and I would NEVER get a bath (or be able to write on this blog). I love my boys to pieces and I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Do I miss my single days? Sure, but nothing, absolutely NOTHING beats coming home to two beautiful boys who shower you with as much love as their little bodies can handle, and I give right back plus more! I would rather hear the pitter patter of little feet coming to bang on the bathroom door instead of stumbling into the house after a long night out. I would rather have 1/4 of the bed and feel the warmth of my boys next to me, than sleeping alone and waking up to nothing. And I am just grateful I have a little nailpolish on my toes, rather than none at all!! I would gladly give up my food as long as it meant we had enough food to eat and my boys were getting their needs met. Being single and a mom of two is by no means easy! It's VERY hard, and there are so many times I get frustrated, but then I look at those boys and I think to myself..Life is OKAY!!! And I CAN DO THIS!!!! and I Just have to mention The Twins are done now (I'm VERY sad about that), winter is in the near future so hopefully I can catch a movie once in a while!:)

So now that I said that I would like to share a few pictures of the boys and I the last couple of day/weeks.

Layton and the pot bellied pigs
Family photo..GO TWINS!!
Nelson Pumpkin farm
Layton and I in the corn maze.

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