Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Right to Vote: I VOTED!

Well today is the big day, the day that we might finally get to see some Change. To be honest, I didn't understand the voting process until just last year!! Sad, I know, but now I understand. We aren't voting for an actual person we are voting for the political party. Because the Electoral college takes care of voting for the President in December! I think it should be by popular vote but it's not. I do know Minnesota gets 10 electoral votes! Hehe.. Good thing I am working at the High School. I learn something new everyday, or I just didn't pay attention in High School! So anyways, this morning I woke up all excited to get out and VOTE. I even got up early, and got the kids off to their destinations and I headed to the polls. It was quick and painless, and I proudly wore the red "I VOTED" sticker. THEY say this is the most historic voting and I am proud to say I took part in it! And I also want to let the Quast's know that if I lived in Gaylord, Doug would have been my vote, and No not because he is family but because he is a great Mayor!! GO DOUG!!! Now I lay in bed and watch the future of the USA hopefully change!! I am ready for a more positive outlook on things and lets just pray we choose the right President to do the job!!! I am a proud American and I'm glad I exersiced my right to vote!!!

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