Sunday, November 9, 2008

It was a dream come true until....

Firearms hunting opener, snow, wind, 35 degree tempertures. I was on a mission, I was going to shoot a deer this year, and I couldn't have had a better chance, to screw it up! Dad and I walk out right at shooting hours in hopes of kicking something out. We did kick out 2 does but I couldn't shoot them because I didn't have a doe permit. So we stand in the woods a little bit hopeing some other hunters kick something out. Sure enough there runs a doe, back into the woods, and that's why my dream came true. Dad says TRISH THERE'S ONE.. BANG BANG.. GET UP THERE AND SHOOT (out of the woods and up on the field!) IT'S HUGE...SHOOT..BANG.. KEEP SHOOTING..BANG BANG.. KEEP SHOOTING..BANG. DID IT FALL...IS IT SLOWING DOWN.. BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP... THAT THING WAS A MONSTER! BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP!

There you have it.. the monster buck I have been talking about, you know..the one I was gonna shoot..Yup well it's still out there!! Dad said that's the biggest deer he has ever seen a live, and the guy who missed it before me said he was a MONSTER too.. Let me tell you, I had dreams about that thing last night, more like a nightmare. The whole thing keeps replaying in my mind and I just keep kicking myself for not hitting that thing. Not that I want to make excuses but here might be some reasons to why I missed the biggest deer in Sibley County..

1. Blowing snow in my face
2. I was using my dad's gun, which I have never shot before.
3 The deer was running away from an angle

Everyone keeps telling me that was a once in a lifetime chance and now I feel even worse about missing it! Not like I TRIED to miss it!!! I was hopeing so bad to see that thing fall!!! He's still alive for a reason, he's smart!

We did trial it once it got to the state land but then it crossed the ditch and was GONE!!!!! So there ya have it.. the story you have been waiting for, without the happy ending!! I knew he was out there!!

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