Sunday, November 23, 2008

We got hit!

we got hit by the "COLD". All three of us at the same time! There has been very little sleep for this Momma. and I Can't wait until we are all healthy and sleeping through the night again! I'm up about every hour with Lane, Layton will sleep in his bed for a couple hours then wants to be with us. So we really aren't cold, we are snuggly warm but we all have stuffy noses, sore throats, and the coughs. Vicks vapor rub did the trick last night!! I even used some. Today we are going to have a little visitor over for a little play or "stare at each other time" (since they are both babies. Then it's off for family pictures. I'm excited, I hope they turn our ok!! Then it will be home for Hot baths and hopefully, cross your fingers, SOME SLEEP!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week I am looking forward to yummy food and I have lots to be thankful for!

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